2013北大-斯坦福-牛津互联网法律政策与公共政策研讨会2013 Peking-Oxford -Stanford University Internet Law and Public Policy C

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时间/TimeMay 3-4, 2013  2013年53-4

地点/AddressPaul Brest Hall, Stanford Law School  斯坦福大学法学院 Paul Brest 会堂


The First day

时间/TimeMay 3, 2013  2013年53

地点/AddressPaul Brest Hall, Stanford Law School  斯坦福大学法学院 Paul Brest 会堂


1:00-1:40p.m.  Registration 登记


1:40-2:00p.m.  Introduction 介绍

ž   M. Elizabeth Magill Dean– Stanford Law School


ž   ZHANG Shouwen–Dean, Peking University Law School

张守文  北京大学法学院院长

ž   Brent Irvin–Vice President and General Counsel, Tencent Holdings Limited  艾文博 腾讯公司副总裁和法律总顾问

ž   Welcome Letter欢迎信:Congresswoman Anna G. Eshoo U.S. Representative for Californias 18th Congressional District 

美国加利福尼亚州第 18 国会区代表  (Read by Dean Magill  Magill 院长读出)


2:00-2:15p.m.  Tea Break 茶歇 (Group Photo 合影 )

2:15-3:55p.m. 互联网反垄断政策   Internet Antitrust Policy

互联网的兴起为反垄断法律带来了从网络效应到专利 用途等独特问题。究其原因为何?这些问题应如何解 决?中美两国的应对方法又有什么不同?

The Internet raises unique issues in the area of antitrust law, from network effects to the use of patents. Why is this the case? How can these issues be addressed? How do U.S. and Chinese approaches to these issues differ?


ž   Mark Lemley –Professor of Law, Stanford Law School


ž   HUANG Yong–Director and Professor, Faculty of Economic Law, University of International Business and Economics

    黄勇  对外经济贸易大学经济法系主任、教授


.    Yannick Carapito–Senior Attorney, Antitrust Team, Legal and Corporate Affairs Group,Microsoft


讲题/Topic:互联网标准中的反垄断问题  Antitrust Issues in Standards for the Internet

.    KONG Xiangjun–Chief Judge, Intellectual Property Division, Supreme People’s Court, Peoples Republic of China

 孔祥俊  中华人民共和国最高人民法院知识产权庭庭长

讲题/Topic:中国互联网领域反垄断民事诉讼  Anti-Monopoly Civil Litigation in the Field of Internet in China

.    Yabo Lin–Partner, Sidley Austin LL.P.

 林亚波  盛德国际律师事务所合伙人

讲题/Topic:不局限于反垄断的反垄断审查最近技术领域并购案的几点观察  An Antitrust Review That Goes Beyond Antitrust: Practical Observations of Recent Technology M&A Deals

.    Scott A. Sher–Partner, Wilson Sonsini Goodrich & Rosati 

Wilson Sonsini Goodrich & Rosati 律师事务所合伙人

讲题/Topic:何时可以解除好友关系:在线平台对其开发者社区所承担的义务   When You May Unfriend: Analyzing the Obligations an Online Platform Owes to its Developer Community

.    SHI Jianzhong–Director and Professor, Competition Law Research Center,China University of Political Science and Law

时建中  中国政法大学教授、中国政法大学竞争法研究中心主任

讲题/Topic:繁荣来自于竞争:互联网行业的相关市场界定——中国互联网行业的实践与启示  Prosperity Stems from Competition: Definition of Relevant Market in Internet Industry——Practices in Chinas Internet Industry and Their Implications

.    ZHAO Yiqin–Deputy Division Director, Antimonopoly Division, Antimonopoly and Anti-Unfair Competition Enforcement Bureau, State Administration for Industry and Commerce, People’s Republic of China

赵亦勤  中华人民共和国国家工商总局竞争执法局反垄断执法处副处长

讲题/Topic:竞争政策和互联网  Competition Policy and Internet


3:55-4:15p.m.  Tea Break 茶歇


4:15-5:45p.m.  隐私 Privacy


Privacy has become a hot button issue in the United States and the European Union, and is increasingly important in China. Companies rely on user data to optimize products and advertising programs. But users are worried about abuse of their privacy. How can these issues be addressed?


ž   Aleecia McDonald–Director of Privacy, Stanford Center for Internet and Society, Stanford Law School


ž   CHEN Fuli–Counselor and Intellectual Property Rights Attachè, Chinese Embassy to the United States

陈福利  中国驻美国大使馆顾问和知识产权专员


ž    Dan Auerbach –Staff Technologist, Electronic Frontier Foundation


讲题/Topic:用户可以如何反击在线跟踪  How Users Can Fight Back Against Online Tracking

ž   Jennifer Granick–Director of Civil Liberties, Stanford Center for Internet and Society, Stanford Law School


讲题/Topic:美国政府监视和隐私法的原则  Principles of U.S. Government Surveillance and Privacy Law

ž    LI Changxi–Director and Researcher, Regulations Division, Policies & Regulations Department, Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, People’s Republic of China

李长喜  中华人民共和国工业和信息化部政策法规司法规处处长和研究员

讲题/Topic:中国个人电子信息保护制度  Chinas Personal Electronic Information Protection System

ž   WANG Xixin–Vice Dean and Professor, Peking University Law School

 王锡锌  北京大学法学院副院长、教授

讲题/Topic:表达自由与隐私权的竞争:网络服务提供者的角色与责任 The Role and Responsibility of ISP in the Context of Online Expression-Privacy Tension

ž   ZHOU Hanhua–Professor & Researcher, Institute of Law, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences

周汉华  中国社会科学院法学研究所教授、研究员

讲题/Topic:全国人大加强网络信息保护决定的制定及其启示  The Formulation of the National Peoples Congresss Decision on Strengthening the Protection of Network Information and Its Implications


6:30-8:00 p.m.  Microsoft Dinner (Invited Guests Only微软晚宴(仅限受邀嘉宾)

The Second day

时间/TimeMay 4, 2013  2013年54

地点/AddressPaul Brest Hall, Stanford Law School  斯坦福大学法学院 Paul Brest 会堂


8:15-9:00a.m.  Continental Breakfast 欧陆式早餐


9:00-10:30a.m.  中介版权责任  Intermediary Copyright Liability


Content -- movies, music, books, etc. -- flourishes on the Internet. Yet the technologies that make this possible also allow for nearly costless copying,threatening the interests of rights holders.Governments have taken the lead in addressing these issues, but more recently rights holders have looked to private enforcement mechanisms such as the copyright alert system.What lessons, if any, should China and the U.S. learn from the other's experience?


ž   Paul Goldstein–Professor of Law, Stanford Law School

ž   斯坦福大学法学院教授


ž    Giuseppina D'Agostino–Associate Professor of Law, Osgoode Hall Law School, York University. Founder & Director, IP Osgoode, Osgoode’s Intellectual Property Law and Technology Program

加拿大约克大学奥斯古德·霍尔法学院副教授;奥斯古德知识产权法与技术项目— 奥斯古德知识产权( IP Osgoode)的创始人和负责人

讲题/Topic:加拿大互联网服务提供商的著作权责任 ISP Copyright Liability in Canada

ž   Jiarui Liu–Assistant Professor of Law, University of New Hampshire School of Law

刘家瑞  新罕布什尔大学法学院法学助理教授

讲题/Topic:中国网络服务商的版权责任与避风港 ISP Copyright Liabilities and Safe Harbors in China

ž   Fred von Lohmann –Legal Director for Copyright, Google


讲题/Topic:版权作为创新政策:中介责任如何影响创新前景? Copyright as Innovation Policy: How Intermediary Liability Defines the Innovation Landscape

ž   WANG Qian– Professor, East China University of Political Science and Law

王迁  华东政法大学教授

讲题/Topic:美国《数字千年版权法案》对中国网络服务提供者责任的影响: 有利的方面和不利的方面  DMCAs Influence on ISPs Liability in China: the Good and the Bad

ž   Xuan Yun –Director of IP Policy & Enforcement, Microsoft China

云轩 微软(中国)有限公司知识产权政策和保护总监

讲题/Topic:打击网络盗版:如何让权利人、中介、执法机关和网络用户通力合作?  Fighting Online Piracy: How to Bring Right Holders, Intermediary, Law Enforcement Organs, and Internet Users Together?

ž   Parker Zhang –Director of Patent,Strategy,Baidu


讲题/Topic:百度对知识产权的看法 Baidu on IP Rights


10:30-10:45a.m.  Tea Break 茶歇



10:45 -12:15 p.m 虚拟物  Virtual Items


Who owns virtual items? To what extent do the Terms of Service of a site operator or an app provider limit a user's "ownership" of items? A combination of property, intellectual property, and contract laws has been used to regulate the ownership and exchange of these virtual "goods" thus far. In this panel, we explore the tensions that may arise between these doctrines as the markets in China and the United States evolve and increasingly overlap.


ž   Andy Y. Sun -Visiting Chair Professor, Tongji University College of Law

孙远钊 同济大学法学院访问客座教授



ž   Joshua Fairfield-Associate Professor of Law, Washington & Lee University School of Law


讲题/Topic:虚重力: 虚拟财产的路径与周转率  Virtual Gravity: The Path and Velocity of Virtual Property

ž   Jason Si-Associate General Counsel and Secretary General of the Legal Research Center, Tencent


讲题/Topic:网络虚拟物的归属及交易问题研究  Research on Issues Concerning the Ownership and Transactions of Virtual Property

ž   Stephen Smith-Managing Partner, Greenberg Glusker LLP

Greenberg Glusker 律师事务所管理合伙人

讲题/Topic:虚拟财产: 现实世界中的案例研究两则与噩梦般的场景  Virtual Property: Two Real World Case Studies and the Nightmare Scenarios

ž   YANG Ming-Assistant to the Dean & Associate Professor, Peking University Law School

杨明 北京大学法学院副教授、院长助理

讲题/Topic:虚拟物品的权属 The Ownership of Virtual Items


12:15-1:45p.m. Lunch and Keynote Speech 午餐和主题演讲

Keynote Speech 主题演讲

ž   M. Elizabeth Magill-Dean, Stanford Law School


ž   ZHANG Shouwen-Dean, Peking University Law School

张守文  北京大学法学院院长

ž   Judge Randall R. Rader -Chief Judge of the United States Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit



2:00-3:30p.m. 专利诉讼 Patent Litigation


How do the U.S. and Chinese patent systems encourage software and high-tech innovation? How are damages calculated in these two patent systems? What is the patent-eligibility of software? How important are patent acquisition and litigation to securing freedom to operate?


ž   Colleen Chien-Assistant Professor, Santa Clara Law School


ž   Singer John Huang-Co-Director, Institute for Internet Law, Peking University Law School

黄绅嘉  北京大学法学院互联网法律中心共同负责人

开场白/Opening Remarks: 比较中美专利制度对鼓励创新的异同 Comparing the Chinese and U.S. Patent Systems for Promoting Innovation


ž    Neel Chatterjee-Co-Chair, Intellectual Property Group, Orrick


ž   讲题/Topic:美国诉讼制度是否促进软件/互联网行业的创新?Does the U.S. Litigation System Promote Software/Internet Innovation?

ž   Roger Shang-Chief Patent and Technology Counsel, Alibaba Group

尚青松  阿里巴巴集团首席专利与技术律师

讲题/Topic:中国的专利与创新 Patents and innovation in China

ž   Duane R. Valz-Senior Patent Counsel, Google Inc.


讲题/Topic:美国和中国的专利制度:新的创新辩证法?  The U.S. & Chinese Patent Systems: The New Dialectics of Innovation?

ž   Judge Ronald Whyte-Judge of the United States District Court for the Northern District of California


讲题/Topic:美国的专利侵权救济 Remedies For Patent Infringement In The United States

ž   ZHANG Ping-Professor of Law, Peking University Law School

张平 北京大学法学院教授

讲题/Topic:“恨爱交加”互联网开放平台的专利竞争  In Hatred and In Love: Patent Competition on Internet Open Platform


3:30-3:45p.m.  Closing Ceremony 闭幕


ž    M. Elizabeth Magill Dean-Stanford Law School


ž   ZHANG Shouwen-Dean-Peking University Law School

张守文 北京大学法学院院长